Why no open balcony?


After 40+ years building beautiful properties, The Statesman Group is one of the few remaining high quality builders actively targeting the Mature Buyer; the Baby Boomer generation...the Empty Nesters.

We’ve actively sought feedback along the way, enabling us to continue building award winning communities that not only appeal to the masses, but also speak directly to the most discerning buyer. As far as private outdoor spaces are concerned, 80 - 90% of our buyers echo similar feedback regarding outdoor balconies:

Maximizing Available Space

While downsizing from a larger home into the smaller space of a new condo, the need to maximize space during this ‘rightsizing’ process is imperative.

Rather than building traditional balconies, Statesman has increased the live-able space by creating an enclosed balcony; we’ve converted what would have been wasted exterior space into livable interior space within your home. In essence, you’ve gained an additional +/- 100 square feet of usable space to allocate as you see fit. In fact, this trend has become so popular, we are now seeing people opting to retrofit existing balconies in older buildings as well.

Cleaner Architectural Lines

When the traditional balcony is removed, the resulting building is cleaner, with more beautiful architectural lines, and eliminates the junky neighbor syndrome, all of which will factor into an increased future resale value of your home.


A New Lifestyle

Living in a condo community presents a lifestyle different than living in a single family home - not everything is the same and our homeowners need to be prepared for that. Statesman believes that you don’t simply live in your ‘Suite’, rather, all of the well-appointed amenity spaces, including the building itself are viewed as extensions of your home. ...you and your guests are encouraged to enjoy the owner’s lounge, health and wellness center, steam rooms, serene garden spaces, outdoor fireplaces and BBQs, etc. whenever you wish...

Because The VIEWS is such a low density project, common areas are rarely occupied at the same time, and if/when they are, it presents an excellent opportunity to expand your circle of friends, since many homeowners share common traits and passions and are able to fully embrace the lock-and-leave lifestyle.

Improper Use or Lack of Use

Take a drive by any condo building with balconies in the city, and you can usually count the number of people actually sitting on their balconies on one hand. Next, take notice of what people actually use their balconies for...usually for storing their junk...bikes, bins, tires...at times even covered in a ghastly yellow, blue or orange tarp.

This does nothing to enhance the look of the community, nor does it help retain (and certainly won’t cause an increase in) property values.


Due to our rapidly-changing weather, many people have discovered they can only effectively utilize their balconies three or four months per year...and during these ideal weather periods, many were only accessing their private outdoor space four to five times – in total! You know the drill...it’s either too windy, too cool, too rainy...too something. For example, many days during June/July 2017 the temperature reached 27+ Celsius making the balconies much too hot to use.

The VIEWS will feature beautiful floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall triple pane, high-efficiency windows, allowing you to harness the feeling of being outside - all of the time. On the rare day (or hour) that Mother Nature provides us with patio-worthy weather, enticing you to crave the breeze and fresh air, the awning windows open wide in every outside room, allowing you to truly enjoy the best of both worlds. Then when the wind and rain kick in again, you will simply close the windows while still enjoying the breathtaking views, without the hassle of tearing down furniture, transporting dishes or chasing rogue pillows down the escarpment.

Lower Condo Fees

Eliminating the traditional balcony is an excellent way to save on future repairs, thereby lowering everyone’s condo fees, and can avoid and often help to eliminate outrageous increases in fees as the building ages.

Eliminating repairs to the exterior of the building presents a tremendous cost saving to our homeowners. We’ve all heard horror stories of extensive damage caused when structural elements in balconies fail, such as when gravity takes over causing them to slope in the wrong direction, which compromises the integrity of the building envelope, as well as rotting railings, corners and attachment points. Further, excessive (and often repeated) internal damage to personal and common areas caused when water penetrates through weak spots in the exterior and/or from improper drainage systems when it rains, when the snow melts etc. In fact, many customers have purposely moved to our Statesman buildings after experiencing a cash call or massive increase in condo fees when exterior balconies ultimately fail and require repairs.

Statesman's construction standards and window technologies have eliminated this problem for our homeowners.

Whats the difference?

Over the past 41+ years we have listened to the preferences of the mature homeowner; what’s important to them and how they want to live as they are nearing retirement. Here are the usual important considerations:

Privacy and Security are important... we want to Lock-and-Leave whenever we wish.

The Views is a luxurious, gated community of only 60 homes, nestled into the escarpment of Paskapoo Slopes and overlooking the Bow River Valley. Located in the established community of Cougar Ridge, e Views provides Calgary’s ultimate Lock-and-Leave lifestyle in this non-combustible building with maintenance-free Xeriscaping landscaping!

Focusing on living a healthy lifestyle is very important to us.

The Views has its own state-of-the-art Health & Wellness Centre...just imagine a daily stretch class such as Yoga & Zumba, followed by a few minutes’ meditation in the private steam rooms. When you head upstairs to your enviable chef ’s kitchen, you’ll prepare meats and sh using your WOLF steam and convection ovens which come out tasty and moist, even when compared to the best-of-cuisines. Eating healthy has never been this easy. What a Beautiful Way to Live!

We have lived in a larger home...how can we possibly squeeze into a condominium?

The Views offers larger suites up to 2,922 square feet, two or three large bedrooms with walk-in closets, a study/ den and even a media room to enjoy movies with the grandkids, or the game on the big screen. Secured parking below grade is available for 1 or 2 vehicles including storage space for your Christmas tree etc. In our experience, we consider it ‘right-sizing’ rather than downsizing.

We enjoy quality at this stage of our lives, versus quantity.

The Views thoughtfully designed for Baby Boomers and semi or retired homeowners who would rather spend their time enjoying life than tending to the yard or shoveling snow. Only 60 suites, adorned with luxurious high-end interior nishes personalized to your liking, modern living spaces including WOLF appliances, 9 . ceilings perfectly showcase the wall-to-wall, oor-to-ceiling windows ensure this masterpiece epitomizes the Urban Contemporary Lifestyle.

We have heard horror stories about noise transfers from others living in condominiums.

The Views is a non-combustible, steel and concrete structure, built with 10” of concrete between oors and integrates a party wall system for privacy and sound resistance. Dual or triple pane windows help further reduce sound transfer, while exceeding building code and energy e ciency standards.

We enjoy our grandchildren and want to see them when we are not travelling.

Statesman is a family owned and operated company, and we’ve designed to accommodate their visits...amenity room for larger functions, an outdoor putting course for grandparents to coach their young grandchildren, while preparing dinner from the common area outdoor kitchens.